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Sigma was started by Nick Seymour in the late 1960s initially to design and build a hovercraft. During this time Nick became involved in structural and preparation work on a London to Sydney rally car. He became interested in autocross at the time and built a VVW (Volvo VW) autocross special and a couple of years later designed and built the ‘Volnik’ and ‘Turbo volnik’ (the turbo charger fitted by courtesy of winning a draw!). All the cars had considerable success in autocross (under the Team Castrol banner) and won several championships culminating in the Turbo volnik’s win of the RAC national championship in 1976.  Turbo Volnik was then heavily modified to compete in Speed Hillclimb events in the sports racing class for 1977 and 1980 in BARC and RAC Championships.

Sigma has always been involved in aircraft work and in 1974 Nick became a licensed aircraft engineer. Work includes the building of aircraft for private owners as well as general maintenance and repairs. Sigma has also been sub-contracted to work on aviation aspects for films including ‘Hanover street’ ‘Cuba’ ‘High Road to China, ‘Empire of the Sun’, ‘Gunbus’ and 'White Nights’.

In the early '80s Nick built Sigma’s hangar for which he designed and built bi-fold doors. He ran his own M3 maintenance organisation until the late 1990s. He sold his hangar and now operates from a workshop where he is involved in major and minor repair work. He is Chief Engineer for Eye Tech Engineering which runs an M3/M5 organisation. Nick is also a PFA/ BGA inspector.